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StenEd Theory - Founded shortly after the first CAT systems appeared, StenEd has been creating stenotype educational material that takes full advantage of computer technology for over 25 years. Taught in more schools than any other theory, we continue to expand and refine our products to provide the most effective and comprehensive material available for all stenotype professions.

Phoenix Theory - Phoenix Theory is written primarily by sound and incorporates a simple Vowel Omission Principle which virtually eliminates spelling dependency and, at the same time, automatically eliminates the vast majority of conflicts in word boundaries, totally eliminating the need for a multitude of rules for conflict resolution.

Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez Theory - Theory textbook Computer Shorthand: Realtime Theory (3rd Edition) by Allen Roberts, John Walsh, and Jean Gonzalez (better known as the Roberts Walsh Gonzalez theory textbook) is a theory textbook that has been used for many years because of its ease of learning. Although the textbook has not been widely marketed, it has an established following.

StarTran Theory - StarTran - is an affordable, dynamic, and convenient self-paced online program for beginning students which teaches NCRA-approved StarTran Realtime Theory for learning computerized realtime machine shorthand used by today's professional court reporters, captioners, and CART providers.