Steno Links

Court Reporting Websites

Cheap and Sleazy - A website that covers a little bit about everything related to court reporting and general technology.

Total Transcript Transfer - The premiere system for court reporters, scopists and proofreaders to transfer all their files electronically.

Reporter Solutions - Scheduling, Billing, Commissions, Referrals, Job Tracking, Messaging with your reporters and clients, and more.

StenoTube - Where steno and video collide!

Steno Theory - A nice overview on court reporting theory.

Court Reporting Documentary - Follow along as we film a documentary about court reporting, CART and captioning. For one year we dive into the world of stenography.

Magnum Steno - Are you a court reporter, captioner or student of either one of these careers and want to become better, faster, more accurate and the best writer you can be? Are you unsure what exactly is holding you back from writing faster and always keeping pace with the speaker, and unclear about how to become faster?

Stenovate - Stenovate is the only organization and collaboration platform built specifically for legal transcript professionals. There are two major benefits: First is streamlined project management. We designed a tool that allows reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to work together seamlessly on a single platform. Second, we’re in the process of building a freelance marketplace for finding help and picking up extra work. The marketplace will include professional profiles, ratings and reviews, and a job board so that it’s easy to find good help.