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Stenovations - The name says it all — LightSpeed. “Light” refers to the weight of the unit, plus the fact that keys can be actuated by the most gentle touch. “Speed” refers to faster and more accurate writing by virtue of the elimination of wasted motion due to unnecessary up and down key travel. Those features are complemented by the unique ability to adjust each individual key’s sensitivity by means of a simple graphical user interface in a computer program....

Stenograph - For more than 70 years, Stenograph has been the leading supplier of productivity tools for the court reporting profession. The company has built its reputation on innovation, quality and service. Home of the Diamante, Wave, Fusion, Protege and more....

The Neutrino Group - Creators of ergonomic steno machines - the Gemini, Piper, Revolution and the newest class of Infinity writers.

Word Technologies - Word Technologies creates and distributes leading-edge technologies for converting spoken word to written text to individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governments in over 35 countries around the globe. It is also the proud creator of the revolutionary Tréal realtime shorthand keyboard.

Advantage - The Writer You've Been Waiting For - From the People You Trust. Attention Vendors: The Passport works with all modern CAT software right out of the box – but in order for your customers to take full advantage of the Passport’s advanced features, including the StenoMagic keys, you’ll need to support the Passport protocols. We encourage you to do so.

ProCAT - ProCAT has been designing electronic stenowriters since 1986. Quality workmanship, innovative technology, friendly support, and fair pricing has been the cornerstone of every product that we have ever introduced. The latest - the Impression.

Acculaw - We Buy and Sell Pre Owned steno machines, Computers and CAT Software in volume every day, with satisfied customers spanning the nation. All steno machines are meticulously examined and maintenanced prior to resale, and each and every one carries our personal warranty for a full year following purchase.

StenoWorks - We are the leader in bringing stenographers, of all abilities, great deals on new and refurbished steno equipment. We provide consulting and technical advise to our customers. Our number one priority is customer service. We currently have court reporting customers throughout the world.