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Court Reporting Forums

CSRNation - CSRNation is a social network for those in the court reporting field.

CourtReportingForum - An online community for court reporting professionals.

Court Reporters Forum - Large forum that covers many parts of the court reporting industry.

Phoenix Theory Group - A group for those who practice or are interested in the Phoenix Theory of machine shorthand and its applications in the field of shorthand, court, and real-time reporting.

Court Reporting Students - The aim of this group is for students of court reporting everywhere to support and help each other, to address and discuss issues and concerns, and to give and receive pertinent information and encouragement.

Court Reporters - This is a group for court reporters, students and scopists to discuss court reporting issues, ask for spellings, software help or anything else that you might need to know having to do with the court reporting field. - We're a free question and answer site for court reporters. You can ask questions about any topic that court reporters care about. And by voting answers up or down, you make sure that the best ones stay on top.